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creates jobs private sector or more government stimulus. i agree with my friend from texas. i am disappointed in the senate but this is the same senate that has not done a budget in 962 days. we need to give our country our job creators much more than two months visibility on what is going on out there. >> to that point, lawmakers could not agree on how to pay for a package that extend the tax cuts through the next election. we have a two month bandoid and forcing the discussion in february. you think it is kicking the can down the road without any solution. >> yes. when you look at doctor's fix and look at other thingings. how we pay for it is important. what came out of the house, it is a pay cut and there were 25 billion and the deficit. and again, we have to find a way to pay for it. and i do agree with my friend david, being from texas, the key stone pipe line is good and would end up in the refineries in texas. i do support the key stone pipe line. >> congressman, do you happening that congress can get the job done as we go forward and do you think that real change comes ab
out there. slippery roadways maybe to keep an eye out for. further west, across south texas, we have rain looming. they need the rain across texas. they are in a drought for over a year. any moisture we can get, we will take. though it's not enough to put out of the drought. across the southwest, showers popping up across southern california. that is going to be increasing in coverage. and in intensity. it is windy out there because of the storm system. it's really all we will see. the santa ana winds out there in 70 miles per hour. across southern california. it will be a concern heading to tonight and also in tomorrow. again, it will start to increase in intensity. the storm will lengthen and bring in activity across the southwest. look at snow. across new mexico. colorado or we have seen snow across the ski resort, so more good news for those areas. if you are traveling, careful. it could be impacted. monday night, we look at rain across part of texas, oklahoma, where we need the rain. back side of that, we will get colder. start with snow. we are talking about four to eight inche
it is bypassing the markets of the midwest to go down to texas which is the one part of the united states that already has more oil than it can consume. there are some in the environmental movement who know if the pipeline is built and the carbon atoms on the petroleum under the ground of canada will not be burned and mixed into oxygen atoms and sent into our atmosphere. i think the of their opening statements have made it clear that at some point can canada will find a way to exploit this whether it is through the united states or the port of vancouver to the world markets. however, we shouldn't think that is automatic or easy or that keystone is going to go away next week. there are environmentalists in canada. i have met them and they are no more excited about the building of the east and west pipeline through canada than our environmentalists for the pipeline. energy really comes down to two separate issues or somewhat separate issues, and that is how we generate the electricity and how we move our vehicles? this is sometimes a lump together in one issue as we have a national security
's still ahead. but first, making criminals out of child play? why the people in one texas town accused the city council of doing just that. we'll explain coming up. >>> fairfax county schools now can install surveillance cameras inside their buildings. the school board approved a plan allowing that late last night. there are some restrictions. schools can only put the cameras in cafeterias, hallways, and other gathering places. not in locker rooms, or classrooms. >>> a 12-year-old charged with a crime for firing a nerf dart gun? the park city council passed a gun control ordinance that would ban firing any gun in the city limits. that means any gun from rifles to bb guns and nerf guns. anybody with violations would be charged with a fine of $500 and well, as you might imagine, the parents and the mayor do not like that one bit. >> what it does is it criminalizes 12-year-olds who get a bb gun for their birthday and go out on their 2-acre lot and shoot at a target in the backyard. >> i'm not looking forward to getting a $500 fine for that happening. >> how could this all happen in tex
couple of weeks. the keystone pipeline is supposed to run from canada down to texas, supposed to create thousands of jobs in this cup. environmentalists have questions about it. we heard from senator mcconnell about it in a moment. let's listen to it and i'll bring you back in. >> i have no idea why it could be called controversial. the labor unions like it, many democrats want it. it strengthens our national security by decreasing the amount of oil we get from unfriendly countries and it wouldn't cost the taxpayers a dime, not a dime. auto private sector project ready to go. all we're doing is saying the president has 60 days to decide whether the project is in the national interests or not, 60 days for the president to make a decision one way or the other. and since most of us have not heard a good reason from the whitho block it, i'm very hopeful tt thing for the country and get this crucial project under way. >> we hear him there refer to this 60 days. we thought this would be delayed until after next year's elections. so they're certainly moving it up. does that give the president,
on ropes of camel smoke and demand a texas holdum. no wonder they call it spirits. spirits vad my father with cower vas yea. spirits made him burn rubber screaming in the driveway. the marianet and tongue were skillets at mid night. i wouldn't see his ass again until the next afternoon. twoshgs johnnie. gee my cousin john edwards volunteered for possession every week. he was certified. ex exor citizenim did nothing. colt 45, crazy horse they demand the sacrifices in blood so bottles would go to the couch friday night. walls kicked until straight jackets lay waiting on the lawn. mama would site visions of gang boys with metal vent as if it explained anything. it didn't between dusk from the and dawn saturday he was ready to blow the -- up. do you want some of this? oh , no, yes oh , no or yes , i will be damn, i will be damn, i will be damn. [applause] >> this is called someone else's child. and i guess it's a sort of an imagined conversation with a took place in a real moment in my father's hospital room in a matter of weeks before he died. my father is my foster father and there was al
. this poem is called big thicket jasper, texas. a crack is a buck shot. big thickel. crack, headlights staggering home. the road kills. crack, big thicket. the sticks, drink, drink, headlight stagger in the road. creek, crack, stick broke light kills. big thickel. buck shot by the white headlights to big thicket. what you looking at. crack, the white stick big thicket along the trees. the buck is staggering home. crack, we go to big thicket what you are doing here. break for home. on the road, go, go, crack, crack, crack, big thicket. headlights what you think you are. huff, is this, critic o crack, a stick broke. buck in the brushes. put them back on. what you think. in the rushes. put them back o. big thicket we go to creek. go to head staggers along the trees. crack, a stick broke the creek breaks big thicket we go, buck shot, home we go, go, big thicket. road kill. staggering bucks. headlight rushes. screeching. road screeching, what you what you. we go, we go. crack. bones. road kills a broke stick along the staggering creek we go on. [applause] >> i will close with a poem from t
's republican debate, one candidate, texas governor rick perry, came out swinging at congress, calling on them to take a big pay cut. but today, we learned something interesting about perry's paycheck. abc's jake tapper explains. >> reporter: governor rick perry is trying to blaze a path to be the first in the nation caucus state as a conservative, willing to make tough budget cuts, raising the age for recipients to receive medicare and social security. and taking on congressional pay. >> the idea that we have congress staying there as many days as they do and the salary that they have, that's the reason i call for a part time congress. cut their pay in half. >> reporter: one problem? financial disclosure forms released today show that perry is double-dipping back in his home state of texas. at the same time he's drawing a $150,000 yearly salary as governor, he formally retired this year, to start collecting more than $90,000 a year in a state pension, through the employee retirement system, or e.r.s. >> e.r.s. called me and said, listen, you're eligible to access your retirement now, with you
texas, light showers, not enough to get us out of a drought but we will take it. whenever we can take it. across the southwest, look at that upper-level low pressure disthat is starting to spin right now. light showers across southern parts of california. as you head into the next seven days, it will started to intensify and move into the center of the country. we are looking at thunderstorm systems, strong winds across southern california. some of the reports coming out of thursday and friday across the area, 78 mile-an-hour wind gusts in southern california. a lot of wind with the storm system. and pretty quiet across most of the country, as we head into sunday and monday, that storm system is going to start to intensify heading to the four corners region. more snow in colorado and good for the ski resorts. not good for traveling or shopping. by monday across the center of the country, much colder air in the plains, snow in kansas and texas and panhandle and rain across central texas. >> heather: got to have that snow for santa because he is on his way. >> gregg: troubling new times fo
essentially campaigning. some of the candidates will be here in iowa. you've got santorum, bachmann, texas governor rick perry. in south carolina, you've got mitt romney. in virginia, newt gingerich and his wife will be sign something books, one of her new children's books. and in new hampshire, you have john puntsman. so only a few weeks away, a lot of activity. it's important for these candidates to get out there and stump. >> shannon travis, thank you, as always. >>> you can join fredericka witfield here every sunday for an entire hour dedicated to the presidential contenders in the 2012 race. >>> out of capitol hill, just finished up some work for the end of the year. a big vote just took place moments ago. kate baldwin is on capitol hill for us. this is the vote that could save people money at the beginning of the year, at least keep them from seeing a tax increase at the beginning of the year. >> chat is absolutely right. the senate passed an extension of the payroll tax cut, but only a two-month extension. we'll get a little bit more to that in a second, t.j. i do want to bring you
it then get ahold of the texas parks and wildlife service. they're going to investigate it and see what they can do. they've seen it on and off. there's an accidental release in 1988, then they disappeared. all the sudden they came back in 2006. >> that is fascinateding and very odd too. an odd problem. >> you think shrimp is a good thing. not necessarily. >> not in this case. all right. thank y thanks, jackie. see you later. >>> meantime, the war in iraq is declared officially over. that doesn't mean the problems that have come from it are over. american veterans, many of them women, dealing with their combat experience every single day. their stories and what's being done to help them, next. welcome to idaho, where they grow america's favorite potatoes. everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great. but did you know they're good for you too? they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. so they're good for my family, and for yours. heart smart ida
. in a few weeks down to texas to face even more charges. sam hurd appeared in federal court today wearing orange prison jumpsuit with legs in shackles. hearing before the now former chicago bears receiver lasted three minutes united states judge young kim least about $150,000 cash bond. attorney from los angeles spoke to reporters >> sam hurd father was dead a good teammate a good friend. and the past: to the future family has had a good past family will have a good future >> future not with chicago bears but attorney says hopes another team will pick him up assuming of course he is cleared. yesterday charged with accepting a kilogram of cocaine from undercover federal agent. case is shocking even to the most veteran sports analyst. >> has always been stories of professional athletes involving drugs but never at the wholesale dealer level somebody who thinks he is going to move half a million dollars worth of product every week. this is on a scale beyond anything we have seen in sports. >> also attorney denies allegations sam hurd tester beating cocaine or other drugs to fellow nfl
impuestos a cambio que se agilice oleoducto entr ecanadá y texas. >> la baja del desempleo en 0.5 % en la bahía. en california más de 200 mil trabajos desde 2011 en su inicio. >> luz verde para tratar de revertir el matrimonio homosexual en california. tienen que recaudar... firmas así decidir si quiere que el matrimonio sea gay. >> al alguacil de maricopa le sigue lloviendo. quieren que renuncie. >> los dueños de pequeños negocios y comunidad latina piden su renuncia. >m> soolo así la gente podra salir a trabajar sin pensar que los van a agarrar. >> para alguinos el tema es emocional. >> tanta familia que separó, estaban haciendo su trabajo y ese trabajo era de ice, él se hubiera dedicado a su trabajo, por eso ahora es señalado9.>> nos sentiamos presos afuera. >> lo que deberian haber hecho es destituirlo y no hacer tanto drama, las pruebas están, sólo tienen que sacarlo, ahí diríamos que es un triunfo. >> arpayo dice que no tiene intecion de renunciar y que el gobierno federal así abre puerta a la inmigración. >> dicen también que actuan por motivos políticos y los aleg
. house will accept the extension. whether the is will approve a between canada and texas. provision requires mr. obama make a swift decision. it we are learning about found and the of a baby jesus. it was returned today. that has caused a lot more questions. i had to look back to see if was there. the statute is there. police found it in not too far from here. found the alleged know whyt they don't he took it. -- they also found the alleged thief. it is back where it belongs. why would you steal baby jesus or anybody? it is christmas. it was a woman who stole this tuesday. baby jesus is back now due to a the woman who saw the alleged thief's facebook page. this afternoon, they brought it back and set it in its place. >> there is no need. we will buy you one if you want one that bad. >> representatives expressed thanks to everyone who find baby jesus and him home. they're trying to keep the for everyone to enjoy it. the mall has not asked police to yet but what punishment into mall goers think they should suffer? for this.ed this is a nativity scene. you just can't go and take stuff.
: this year also saw fewer executions. 43 in all down from a high of of 98, 12 years ago. even in texas, just 13 executions this year, about half of last year's total. illinois this year took the death penalty off the books entirely. in oregon, governor john kitzaber barred executions as long as he's in office calling them morally wrong. >> i refuse to be part in a compromise neck roll system any longer. >>> three more states, california, connecticut and maryland may consider repeal thing it next year. while 61% of americans say they favor the death penalty that's the least support since the 1970s. even so 34 states retain the death penalty. supporters say it's imposed less often not because jurors think it's unfair but because a sentence of life without parole doesn't invite decades of legal appeals. another factor, they say, violent crime is down. >> it's not the society that no longer supports the death penalty. it's the fact that there are just fewer murders in the united states by almost 50%. and that's good news. >> reporter: whatever the reasons, the numbers show that while the death p
to find a job. how you can help our heroes find a job. >>alisyn: it pays to get pulled over in texas. ú daddy, come in the water! somebody didn't book with travelocity, with 24/7 customer support to help move them to theool daddy promised! look at me, i'm swimming! somebody, get her a pony! [ female announcer ] the travelocity guarantee. from the price to the room to the trip you'll never roam alone. >>dave: florida millionaire bob ward is trading in his mansion for a jail cell. the former real estate mogul sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering his wife. he claims he shot her by accident. while trying to stop her from shooting herself. but a jury not bying it. and usually getting pulled over is a bad thing but not if you are in texas, police there now pulling over good drivers and giving them $10 gift cards instead of traffic tickets. the money coming from donations to the police department. but clayton, you still have to go through the horror of seeing the lights and wondering why you got pulled over. >>clayton: never experienced that. flawless record here. a tough economy for
today from texas governor rick perry. he is also in spencer, and you will be able to watch coverage of his campaign live at noon eastern time. later, rick santorum is holding a town hall in cairo. we hope to bring that to you later today as well. lots of candidates spending time in iowa before the caucuses are held january 3. just to let you know, in the senate today, for your votes are being taken up here the two- month extension of the social security payroll tax cut has passed the senate. that will go to the house possibly as soon as monday, and they will also be dealing with the government spending bill, a disaster aid bill, and a fourth bill to pay for that aid. the payroll tax cut extension includes an extension of unemployment benefits up to 59 weeks and a freeze on scheduled cuts in medicare payments to doctors. we're bringing you live coverage over on our companion network, c-span2. >> again, we are here in spencer, iowa. michele bachmann, republican presidential candidate, is expected here shortly. we will come back to the room here as soon as she is a riding, but for the
to texas refineries and refineries throughout the midwest, it is going to go instead to china. and i just would conclude with the concept or the argument that prime minister harper made after the administration reject today's decision. he was very disappointed and he laid out the argument that they would look long range to china and to asia. and we can only hope president obama drops his opposition. i turn now to the ranking member for his opening statement. >> mr. connolly, would you like to make a statement? >> thank you, mr. chairman. and i think they're making member for his graciousness. i went to thank you for the opportunity to address energy issues is interrelated. given the prominence of the debate about the keystone accel pipeline and the payroll tax bill, like you, mr. chairman, i'm going to focus primarily on that issue. the international agency recently issued its world energy outlook, which contained one notable piece of news. u.s. dependence on foreign a particularly middle eastern oil is project it to decline in contrast to china in europe. according to the iea, the primar
of texas and oklahoma, we'll all feel impacts of this storm in the next couple of days. here's a forecast outlook for you. looking for heavy rain. especially as we get down towards the mexico border. you could see thunderstorms associated with this. as it gets into western parts of texas, we'll see that snow beginning to accumulate in the northern parts of new mexico. especially monday then into tuesday, and we've got winter storm watches, which have already been posted here for parts of kansas and into those panhandles of texas and oklahoma. we could see somewhere between, oh, maybe 6 to 12 inches of snowfall for you here in western kansas, 4 to 8 inches. significant system pand pleasant ahead of that system. the plains look great for tomorrow. enjoy that when you start thinking about snow in the forecast. but we're seeing plenty of snow speaking of which, over parts of the great lakes. relatively light. the cold air in place there. just light snow showers. >> okay. i think people can handle that. light. all right. >> good. thanks, jacqqujacqui. >>> a battleali alitt box offic. two big m
oil pipeline to run from canada to texas. they said it would create thousands of jobs. president obama wants to delay the project for further environmental studies, but today, house speaker john boehner was adamant against waiting. >> if that bill comes over to us, we will make changes to it, and i can guarantee you that the keystone pipeline will be in there when it goes back to the united states senate. >> lehrer: democrats condemned republicans for insisting on the pipeline despite the president's opposition. house minority whip steny hoyer. >> they have added an item that the president said he's going to veto, contrary to their pledge to america, and their pledge to america said they would not add extraneous matter to must-pass bills. >> lehrer: later, a white house spokesman declined to repeat that veto threat. in case an agreement cannot be reached, there was talk of a possible plan "b"-- a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut that would come with a $40 billion price tag. >> woodruff: the next chapter in the wikileaks saga. ray suarez has our report. >> suarez: the normally
, texas and wisconsin. five states have cut back an early voting including florida and ohio. now, six states have made voter registration a hell of a lot more difficult. ohio, florida, illinois, maine, texas and wisconsin. now, the effort is vast and these laws disproportionately affect the poor, the elderly, college students. people of color. and people in rural america are going to have it a lot tougher to vote in 2012. most of these key groups, what are they? they are key democratic constituencies. now, out of those 14 states, 5 million eligible voters could potentially be affected. that's a heck of a number. 171 electoral votes are in play, my friends. which is 63% of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. the numbers are staggering. 5 of these 14 states are considered to be battleground states. think about that. five states are battleground states in an era when one battleground state can swing the election, either way? wow. think about the laws in eight states requiring photo i.d. now, it's important, because 11% of citizens do not have a photo i.d. again, we're t
. >> saturday's compromise requires the president speed up a decision on an oil pipeline from canada to texas. he wanted to delay a decision on the controversial project. but republicans say it will bring much-needed jobs. >> everybody in washington says they want more american jobs right now. here's the single largest shovel ready project in america. it is literally ready to go. >> the house still needs to pass the revised payroll tax bill before it goes to the president's desk. that is expected to happen on monday. drew levinson, cbs news. >>> the senators also agree to extend long-term unemployment benefits through february giving millions of americans without jobs a little more relief. >>> that young private army private who allegedly gave wikileaks u.s. classified materials has become a hero to some people. demonstrators rallied today outside the base where the 23- year-old is tried for treason. >> reporter: there were several hundred protestors outside fort mead on saturday. >> why wouldn't all of america be here today? every one of us out to be here because this kid got a raw deal. >>
contributor leslie marshall and fort worth texas janine turner talk show host. does michele bachmann have a point? i think michelle balk map is doing herself and the republic party by addition service by representing his belief system and accomplishments. the fact is he is a 98.6% pro-life rating with the national right to life committee under his leadership congress passed not once but twice the partial birth abortion ban that's president clinton vetoed twice. regarding planned parenthood she is insinuating that the house and the president and the senate were just sitting around waiting to defund planned parenthood when that really wasn't the case at all. this is only creating this vibe in the party in helping obama. >> bill: didn't take the lead in going after planned parenthood. also didn't take the lead in backing up the republic national committee chastising those who didn't want to outlaw partial birth abortion. did he so, so everybody understands, leslie. he did that because he said if i -- if i or we as a party banish candidates who won't ban partial birth abortion, we hurt oursel
with too many beers. ron paul looked like he was selling used cars somewhere in texas which freaked me out and i have been to lake palestine and it is divided. i don't think anybody made points. i understand mitt romney is running for president, but a lot more people would be comfortable with him as a game time host. >> by the way, you are a game show host, so you would know. you are quite good at this. i have to tell you, i thought -- and kevin i will go to you. i thought this was a substantive -- i wish i could say that word instead of sounding like an i had yesterday -- like an idiot, debate. they were going after stuff from fast and furious. i thought michele bachmann was really strong against newt. i thought newt was newt and mitt didn't make any mistakes. what do you make of it? >> i think bachman has been good through awful this stuff. but when you feel the need to proclaim your seriousness, it is like the hot chick talking about how hot she is, and nobody will brig believe that. the debates have been pretty strong. there is a lot of nice intellectual back and forth. there is some r
in the extreme southern portion of texas. and those temperatures, we'll see the cooler air move into the northeast. highs like in boston, not going to get out of the 30s. 39 is going to be it. and on sunday, another system moving into the pacific northwest. the weathermaker for next week is going to take a little better shape here as it moves into the four corners. the rest of the country, as you head to the mississippi and east, it's going to be pretty quiet. mild air still in the out on sunday. we look at monday and here we go. this is when things could get interesting as far as why we see snow further to the south. we've been seeing it in colorado, new mexico. now we have a chance to see snow in kansas and monday night into tuesday from kansas moving into parts of missouri and eventually maybe to the great lakes area. and through that on wednesday, could see snow away from the water in some of the higher elevations of the northeast. still have to work out the details as we get closer in time to that. chance of showers in the lower mississippi valley. a few areas of snow in th
. remember, environmentalists are against it and would run from canada to the gulf of texas. it said that the president would have to decide within 60 days or recall if the administration had put off that decision for as long as a year until after the election to further study the environmental impact. even so, the white house says they're going to accept a deal. the senate is going to vote on it today. the house expected to take it up early next week and everyone should be home for the holidays. amy. >> mike viqueira, thanks so much. >>> mark helprin is an nbc analyst and cnbc's political analyst. good morning. >> good morning, amy. >> let's talk about that deal on the payroll tax cuts. forces the obama administration, of course, to make a decision on the keystone xl pipeline within 60 days. how is this going to play out? >> well, you can see why a lot of americans hate washington and you can see why all the republican presidential candidates are running against washington. this is not the way to make policies approximately p. the white house wanted to do this -- claimed they wanted
champions in job creation back in texas. but am i ready for the next level? let me tell you, i hope i am the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. >> i have to say, it was pretty clever. i love "throwing mechanics." anyway, the trouble is tebow is known for the terrible starts and fantastic finishes, so, obviously, perry is hoping that he did the terrible start and he gets the fantastic finish. we shall see. by the way, the tim tebow shout-out wasn't also just a throwaway, being an evangelical, lots of evangelicals in iowa, which is the true focus of the perry campaign. timely, playing the nazi card. when will politicians learn? alan west from florida is known for slamming his opponents with incendiary comments. but this one ramps it up a notch. yesterday west was asked to comment on a recent pew poll that found that a plurality of americans, 40%, blame republicans alone for the constant gridlock in congress. his response, "if joseph goebbels was around, he would be very proud of the democratic party because they have an incredible propaganda machine." let's thin about that for a moment. west
're not familiar with the borders along texas, how big they are, in arizona. but it is a lot of land that has to be covered, and it's the federal government's responsibility. it takes a tremendous amount of money to secure the border, but our country wants us to do that. we've invested in more border agents, in better technology, and i'm even coming -- trying to come up with some very cost-effective ways to improve the physical infrastructure of borders, because not only do they serve to protect our nation from people that shouldn't come in, but we also have to get a lot of things across our border, like all the commerce and traffic and vegetables and agriculture products and manufactured products that our businesses depend on to have good trade with canada and mexico, with nafta, which is a very important trade foundation for our continent. we just can't close our borders and shut it down. we have to keep it open, so america, unlike every other country in the world, mr. president, really, we're one of the only countries that is both has to fight hard for a -- fight hard for our security but
foam. your right color. on my journey across america i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ male announcer ] in 1894 a small town pharmacist set out to create a different kind of cold remedy using powerful medicine and natural ingredients from around the world. he called it vicks vaporub. today, the vicks journey continues. introducing new vicks nature fusion cold & flu syrup. powerful multi-symptom medicine flavored with natural honey instead of artificial flavors and dyes. so you can feel good about what you take to feel better. >>> patty fornicola woke up on saturday april 16, 2005, and felt like she was trapped in a bad dream. ray gricar, her live-in boyfriend and d.a. of pennsylvania's centre county hadn't come home the night before, an he was still missing. >> i kn
oil from western canada to texas. >>> in his weekly address, president obama praised u.s. troops returning from iraq. >> we are all part of something bigger, that we are one nation and one people, and for all our challenges they remain us that there's nothing we can't do when we stick together. >> the president marked the end of the iraq war this week by meeting with service members on the fort bragg. the last troops will pull out of iraq by december 31st. he says the nation needs to enlist service members returning home in the rebuilding of the american economy. >>> good morning to you! a quiet weather weekend. it's going to be dry and cool. breeze in some areas, and because of it some of us waking up a lot warmer than other spots. take a look at the state here. you can see southern california still seeing some rain out there. and even the san diego mountains picking up some snow in the last day or two. we've got a light breeze around sfo, san jose, fairfield, but notice it's coming in from the north and southeast. that offshore breeze blowing in a little bit of fog from areas i
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